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Whether you're a startup or you've been in business for years, keeping up with your marketing initiatives can be overwhelming. Good news: we happen to know a thing or two about marketing and we don't bite.

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Make Essex a part of your Email Marketing team to:

Improve Creative Approach & Design
Optimize HTML Code
Grow Business Impact through A/B Testing

Manage Marketing & Lifecycle Campaigns
Improve List Deliverability
Verify & Consolidate Data Sources

Identify & Refine Audiences
Optimize List Growth
Reduce Attrition


Or let's chat Conversion Optimization to get more of your users through the funnel.

Qualitative Review via User Testing
Quantitative Review via Analytics Tools
Long-Term Testing Strategy and Scheduling
Implementation via VWO, Optimizely, or Google Optimize

Who We've Helped


Lucky Brand
Scott's Cheap Flights
Portable North Pole


Felice Dee Eyewear
Verified Volunteers


Nice Things They've Said


Alessandra is a one-of-a-kind marketing powerhouse! She is a consummate pro with her fingers and toes on the pulse of new media, and is always willing to innovate, break the mold, and experiment for maximum impact. Not only she is savvy with technology, she possesses a keen knack for design and wields a sharp wit and sense of humor, all while staying user-centric, brand aware, results oriented and solution driven. On top of all that, Alessandra is a terrific individual and open-minded collaborator.

Jawsh Smyth | Creative Director, JibJab Bros. Studios



Alessandra is the rare marketer who excels both as a creative and as a data-driven technician. She is unparalleled in her expertise in and passion for email marketing, and is well known in the industry for being a thought leader in direct marketing. Her skill set - which ranges from design and copywriting to implementing analytics tools and creating actionable reports - is impressive in its versatility. More than anything, though, she’s great to work with - smart, hard-working, reliable and fun. I learned so much from her as a colleague and direct report and continue to be impressed now as a client.

Daniel Haack | Senior Marketing Manager, JibJab Bros. Studios



Alessandra is not only recognized by her peers as a rock star (2015 EEC Email Marketer of the Year!), she's excellent at sharing and teaching her insights to others. We had Alessandra at the Kansas City DMA's all-day Symposium as our opening keynote and she was one of our top rated speakers! She's sharp, motivated, and just a great person to have on your team.

Jessica Best | Director of Data-Driven Marketing, Barkley



Alessandra was a pleasure to work with during our four years together at JibJab. As a product manager focused on JibJab's mobile apps, we worked closely on all things related to customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Alessandra made our products better and heavily influenced our roadmap. She has the ability to pull and analyze data as a data scientist and always had the data to back up her product/marketing positions.

Mike Bracco | Director of Product, JibJab Bros. Studios


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